Multiwave Oscillator

Multiwave Oscillator Violet Ocean site

We proudly present our new Multiwave Oscillator website.
Everything related to the Multiwave Oscillator is clearly arranged.
The Multiwave Oscillator is a high-frequency with many possibilities.

We give you extensive information and explanations. If there are any questions, you can always call us.

We recommend using the Detox Combi Generator { bio-resonantie} together with the Multiwave Oscillator.
These two devises complement each other and provide a thorough detoxification and that the flow is stimulated.
For a deep relaxation it is nice to hold a Lithium Tube.
Much is possible, we help people and animals.

Our Multiwave devices are even in stables, animals can not pretend.
We give supporting healings, we call this this a win-win situation.

If you are interest in our Multiwave Oscillator, please let us know.

With kind regards,

Liesbeth Bleeker

Marianne Cardinaal

Violet Ocean

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